Resolution to Close Olympus Northwest Middle School



In previous meetings with the district superintendent and school board, we have done our best to cooperate and still preserve the most important aspects of Olympus Northwest Middle School.  We produced a document in response to the proposal to move the school into another middle school outlining what we felt were the absolute minimum features we needed to preserve the essence of Olympus, meet the educational needs of our students and provide a platform to re-grow the school.


        Teachers assigned to teaching core classes and a required homegroup elective to the Olympus students, using the classrooms dedicated to those teachers.

At this time, no current or past Olympus teachers will be available at Highland Middle School to continue our traditions.  A new, yet-to-be-determined teacher would have to teach the single section of the homegroup elective.  Enrollment for next year is too small to even be sure that our students could be grouped together for any core classes.

        Retention of the current teaching staff, if it coincides with their wishes.

It has been reported that all our teachers are assigned to other schools.

        One teacher given the role of coordinator for the Olympus program.

If we only have one teacher, I suppose that person is the de-facto coordinator.

        Provision made in the Olympus studentsí and teachersí schedule to allow a start-of-year retreat within 2 weeks of the start of the school year.

This may still have been possible, but was not being encouraged.

With the move to Highland, the enrollment has gone from over 50 to just under 20 students.  Even before these previous items came to light, it seems clear that many of our parents and students had already determined that what we expected to have available for next year was inadequate. 



            WHEREAS it has now been made impossible for the School to meet the needs of its students, as was previously agreed to by the Olympus Northwest Middle School community and the District when the school was founded, THEREFORE:


            RESOLVED: The community of Olympus Northwest Middle School chooses to close the school, effective the end of the 2000-2001 academic year.